Horse Racing Betting – Introduction to Horse Riding

Many people use the back of the horse like other place in of the earth, a beauty area, where they can relax and be in tune with nature. Sitting firmly in the saddle, you just enjoy the environment, is active in sports or uses the horse as our ancestors, as a means. No matter what the motivation is, the fascination horse will probably never tear. Horses have always been closely connected with human history and therefore affect us in our daily lives.

Achieving breath-taking speed has always fascinated people, but since this is no longer for military needs, and for other thinks, and that feeling is maintain, even if these developments are not entirely separable. The riding has been going on for hundreds of years as sports and enjoyed for generations to a great popularity again.

Why is riding sport?

First, the riding is in itself sports because the actor is not sitting motionless on the horse, but the movements of his body actively influenced. For this purpose, he used the reins and his own thigh. In addition, the rider’s weight shifts play an important role. As a further aid whips and spurs are available, the use depends on the discipline and just the spores are already controversial. Many equestrian sports talk with the horse and thus give direct instructions. Vaulting in the field of use of your own voice is strongly not recommended.

What are the disciplines in equestrian sports?

Equestrian sport is characterized by a variety of disciplines, which we have dedicated a whole article. Three disciplines are now even Olympic. Besides the dressage and show jumping and eventing, that has obtained this status. Besides the Olympic disciplines among these disciplines are Orientation Riding, Hunting, Endurance, trail riding, trick riding, formation riding, recreational riding and horse racing course.

Moreover, still learning the many gaits is performed as a single discipline. These disciplines all have one thing in common. This is the name of the animal. Up to a size of 1.48 meters is called a pony; the other sizes are for a horse.