Horse Racing Betting – Games, which include horse riding

Besides the already mentioned some areas of horsemanship, there are also numerous horse games. Of course, this also includes one riding. The best known is probably Polo. This is a kind of hockey on horseback, in which an attempt is made to accommodate the ball in the opposing goal. A team here consists of four horses with riders, who are also in the field. In addition naturally incorporates reservists.

In order to provide a broader overview of equestrian games but should be illuminated two examples. Mounted Games is, for example, a native of India, team sport for horses. This is a kind of relay race. The horses gallop in succession to mark the same time representing the reversal line. Here they have to fulfil different tasks.

Sourced from different subcategories, such that the versatility of the horse plays a big role. Errors in these tasks need to be corrected and thus consume time. The arrival in the target reflects, in its order, thus placing again. A team consists of five horses at Mounted Games, but only four per run come to train.

Another team sport fascinated with horses is Horse ball. This game is very similar to human basketball game and points are made identical. Per turn, but there are three teammates have kept the ball in his hands, of which no one has held him for more than ten seconds. Whenever the ball hits the ground, he must ride through the resume.

Why do people bet on horses?

The equestrian sport has been since ancient times, and its various forms are competition object. This is not surprising, because for most of human history, horses have been the fastest means of transport.Betting, in general, are almost as old as the sport itself.

Even the ancient Greeks are betting money of horse races, or primitive forms of equestrian sports. At every race track bets are placed, and they have been an integral part of the equestrian sport. This trend indicates that the betting business and equestrian go hand in hand.